What Does Bible Say About Thanksgiving

Thanking God despite your challenges is simply telling God that you trust him enough to perform his promises. 

One might be wondering what the Bible said concerning thanksgiving. In the beginning, God in his infinite wisdom created man in his image and likeness, for the purpose of showing forth his praise.

Revelation 4:11 says God created all things, including human beings for his pleasure. 

Isaiah 43:21 further says, these people I have formed myself, they shall show forth my praise. So whatever we do must first bring glory to God.

What Does the Bible said about thanksgiving

The Bible tells us that it is important for believers in Christ to appreciate and show gratitude to God for the manifold blessings that he gives daily.

It is especially important to appreciate God for who he is, and constantly give him thanks for the salvation of our souls, the redemption of humanity, the favor he surrounds us with, and for the glorious future that awaits us.

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In Psalms 136, the Holy spirit emphasizes the importance of gratitude and gives reasons why we should appreciate God.

If you only thank or praise God whenever you’re in the congregation of the brethren or whenever you’re told to do so then your praise or thanksgiving is not flowing from a heart of gratitude.

God wants people whose hearts would rise joyfully and spontaneously every day with gratitude to him whenever they remember his numerous benefits in their lives.

While it is easy to thank God when things are going smooth in our lives, it is a very hard thing to thank God when it seems as if the whole world is against you, when it seems as if God is very far from you, as if your prayers are not going to be answered.

The truth is, when you keep looking at your problems and challenges you won’t be able to thank God.

You’re meant to look up to Jesus who is the author and finisher of your faith (Hebrews 12:2). Only then will you be able to thank, appreciate or praise God beyond your circumstances.

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Until you stop looking at your problems and challenges and starts seeing God for your answers, you’ll keep seeing those challenges.

God knew there was going to be trials and challenges, yet the Bible said in (1 Thessalonians 5:18) that we should thank God in all things.

So whatever it is that you’re going through is not enough reasons for that  ingratitude.

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As it ever come to your thoughts that a dead man can’t go through whatever it is that you’re going through?

When you thank God irrespective of your challenges you’re simply telling God that you trust him enough and that you trust him to perform his promises concerning your life. And you know what? You commit God to work faster than when you wallow in self pity and ingratitude. Grateful people are full of grace.

Ingratitude is considered as an act of rebellion (Romans 1:21). Ingratitude is a character trait that manifests itself as a lack of appreciation or thankfulness due for a favor received.

Show gratitude to God today for all he has done by counting your blessings and naming them one by one before his throne of grace and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.


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