What Does The Bible Say About being Angry? – Bible Study

What the Bible said about anger.

As a child, I grew up knowing that I had anger issues. I could get seriously angry even with the slightest mistake.

Whenever I was angry, it was as if there was a fire gradually burning inside and was ready explode.

At that time I could use anything on you. And whenever I was angry I saw everybody like a child that I could beat.

I don’t want want to know if you are smaller or bigger than me. it was that bad.

Now it wasn’t like I was going around making trouble here and there, but I just couldn’t hold or control my temper.

I hated been oppressed, I guess that was where many of my issues came from.

Since I didn’t know how to let go or allow certain things to just be.

This continue until one day my pastor preached about anger. He said anger lies in the bosom of fools.

Let Go, Let God – Meaning and Reasons

I never knew there was a scripture like that in the Bible.

Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools. Ecclesiastes 7:9

I asked my self a question: Does it mean that you are a fool? I said oh Ebi you’ve been such a big fool.

I decided that anger would not rule over me anymore, so I prayed for the Holy Spirit to help renew my mind and help me to be more tolerant.

Do you know that when you pray to be patient or tolerant, you’ll have more people who would tempt you to try your patience?

Rejoice in Hope, Be Patient Tribulations, Be Constant in Prayer

It was like I was been provoked always. but with those temptations God taught me patience, and before long I started ignoring them, and not responding to every single word that was said about me.

Been slow to anger is a virtue of love, and patience.

If you can learn to be patient with people, you could overcome anger.

What Is anger?

Definition of anger.

Anger is a strong feeling of dissatisfaction, or displeasure towards someone or something, and it usually combined with an urge to harm.

It is a strong feeling of pain or antagonism against someone or something.

What Does the bible say about anger?

What is anger in the bible?

Various Bible verses about anger in the bible showed us that there are different types of anger in the bible.

The type of anger that comes as a result of been zealous for God. Defending the honor of God in anger.

Obedience to God always Brings Blessing

A good example of this is the zeal of Phinehas in Numbers 25:4-8.

Another type of anger we see in the bible is a man’s anger against brother (man against man).

It could be a friend against his friend, man against wife, vise versa etc.

An example is the anger of Cain against Abel which led to the killing of Abel in Genesis 4:3-8.

We also See God’s anger against man because of an evil done against his brother.

An example is the story of Aaron and Miriam Moses’ siblings when they spoke against him because of his Ethiopian wife.

And God’s anger rose up against them and Miriam became leprous. Numbers 12:5-9.

Lastly, God’s anger against man for been disobedient to his word.

Obedience To God Always Brings Blessings

What Does The Bible Say About Obedience

Each time the children of Israel sinned against God by disobeying his commandments to them, His anger burned against them and he delivered them to their enemies. See Joshua 7:1, Judges 2:13-20, Judges 3:7-8, 1Samuel 15:16-23, etc.

I always say anger is a spirit. This is because when it comes on you sometimes the only thing you think of is revenge.

God already said Vengeance belongs to him alone, but because you can’t think of any other thing at that moment, you take the lead by yourself and disobey by taking revenge.

Even if the fault wasn’t from you initially, but because of your anger you exhibited disobedience before God.

Many times i regret after making certain decisions out of anger.

Someone ones said, be careful with the word you speak when you are very angry and when you are very happy.

That’s why the Bible compares an angry person to a fool. Because a fool lacks understanding, and so does one who is hasty to be angry.

The display of anger is the show of foolishness. Anger makes you childish, it destroys.

The Bible says, the man or woman that is slow to anger is better than the mighty. Proverbs 16:32

It also said in Ecclesiastes 7:9 that anger lies in the bosom of fools.

This was the scripture that turned my life around. When I encountered it, I realized what a fool I had been.

I repented and today I can actually keep calm in midst of temptation, and behave like nothing is happening.

Patient is something I never had before, I could flare up at every word without letting any single word to just slide.

You too can be touched, just let the word travel through your body to your spirit and to your soul. Let it germinate, and the eyes of your understanding will be opened.

Is anger a sin?

Is anger really a sin? And if it is, when does anger actually become a sin?

From the types of anger we discussed above, you’ll discover that anger is not always a sin.

For instance the anger of Phinehas was as a result of his love for God. And his action through his anger stopped the wrath of God. And the plague that took twenty four thousand souls stopped too.

I like to call this type of anger the Holy anger.

It is the type of anger that comes upon you when you’ve had enough of the devil. When you’re tired of been mesmerized by the devil.

Then you stand up and put the devil in his place.

This is the kind of anger that Matthew 11:12 talks about. This was the type of anger that made David stand against Goliath without been afraid.

On the other hand, anger is also a sin. When it is not properly channeled it becomes a sin.

It could be anger against a friend, wife, husband, brother, or even self.

One very funny thing about anger is that sometimes, the people you’re angry with doesn’t even know that they offended you.

You’re all alone in your rage and anger, boiling and about to explode.

Anger is very dangerous because it stirs up so many hurtful thoughts. And when these thoughts has been conceived in the heart, they can birth some unspeakable actions that you may regret at last.

Consequences or Dangers of anger in the bible

Anger is very dangerous, it is a major tool in the hand of the devil.

The devil could actually help you nurture anger and gradually it grows, before you know it he uses it as a weapon and you his tool to carry out his purpose.

Gradually he adds envy, then bitterness, then unforgiveness, and before long you become hostile and people are scared of you.

You know that the Holy Spirit cannot dwell in that kind of environment.

You can get angry if you need to, but don’t let the sun go down on your anger. Ephesians 4:5. Don’t let the devil use it as a tool.

How to deal with anger biblically

Overcoming anger in the bible.

Many times, anger comes as a result of not been patient enough with people.

I used to get angry sometimes even before someone concluded his/her statement.

The best way to deal with anger or overcome anger as far as I know is love. One of the attributes of love is patience.

If you love someone you will be patient with that person, sometimes it hurts but you are still patient because your love for that person compelled you to.

You don’t always have to reply or respond to every word. Been slow to anger means that even when you have the right to respond, yet you simply ignore as though it wasn’t you they were referring to.

I know that such decisions might make you look foolish to your offender, but it actually makes you better, wiser, and stronger than your offender.

It doesn’t matter what they think or say about you.

What matters is that you have done the right thing before God and He is pleased with you.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, you will become more gentle, kind, and patient.

Stories of anger in the bible

Moses was regarded as the meekest man on earth, but that didn’t stop his anger issues. Numbers 12:3.

Moses was on Mount Sinai with God forty Days and forty Nights. God gave him instructions for the children of Israel.

God also gave him two tablets of stone containing the Testimony (The Law) which was written with God’s handwriting on both sides.

Now when Moses came down and so how the people had made a molten calf.

As soon as he saw them the Bible said his anger waxed very hot.

What does the bible say about anger

He forgot that he had stayed forty days and forty nights on Mount Sinai without tasting anything to get the tablets of the Testimony.

He also forgot that God had written them with his own handwriting.

He could not control his anger and he left the tablets of the Testimony out of his hands and they were broken.

Do you know that Moses had to go back to Mount Sinai to meet with God for another forty days and forty nights without tasting anything to get another one? Exodus 32:19-20

Cain and Abel gave offering to the Lord from the fruit of their work, but the Bible said God had respect for Abel’s offering but for that of Cain, He had no respect. It wasn’t accepted.

Cain was very angry, and his anger stirred up jealousy against his brother because his brother’s offering was accepted.

Before long, thoughts of killing his brother started flowing through his mind. He gave the devil opportunity to use him, by letting anger sit on his heart.

He started sorting for ways to hurt his brother. The Bible said one day, they were alone in field.

The devil did what he knows how to do best – Manipulation. He would have probably told him; now you’re alone nobody can see you, just do it.

And Cain rose up against Abel and killed him. Genesis 4:3-8


Whether you like it or not offences well always come. You could be offended by anyone.

Even people you don’t know or haven’t seen before will offend you.

You can get angry if you need to, but don’t let the sun go down on your anger. Ephesians 4:26.

It is risky going to bed with anger in your heart. If someone offends you, walk up to the person and talk to him/her in a polite manner.

Not because you’re afraid of him or her, but because you don’t want to give anger the opportunity to grow in your heart, and also because you deserve to be happy.

Remember the Bible said that one who is slow to anger is better than the mighty.

The Bible also said that anger lies in the bosom of fools, are you a fool?

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