17 Short Motivational quotes For Self Encouragement

17 short motivational quotes for self encouragement that will inspire you. Many times we want to do something but we want to be motivated or encourage by someone who we think could understand where we’re going. But the truth is, you can’t wait until you’re motivated.

You are the motivation that you need. Let your situation motivate you to stand up.

What if no one wants to motivate or encourage you, will you let go of your dreams or ideas just because you were not encouraged or motivated?

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The idea or dream is yours, they weren’t there when you got the idea. So you need to encourage yourself to take the first step. Take life one step at a time, and bit by bit you’ll get there.

I’m not saying it is bad to be motivated or encouraged, all I’m saying is people’s motivation or encouragement shouldn’t be a hindrance to you working on your ideas or dreams.

Sometimes, the people we want to encourage us thinks we are strong enough to stand on our own. So they just sit back and watch what we can do with the ideas that we’ve got.

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Short Motivational Quotes To Motivate and Encourage Yourself

  1. Until you start seeing who you truly are on the inside you cannot come to the realization the potentials that are buried inside of you.

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Short Motivational quotes - Self Encouragement

2.Self discovery puts you ahead.

3. Mind what you call yourself, because you will be called what you call yourself.

4. When the eyes of your mind becomes dim, your to life becomes dim and shallow.

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Short Motivational quotes - Self Encouragement

5. Whenever there is no definition there will be a deviation.

6. If you want what is good, do what is good.

Short Motivational quotes – Self Encouragement

7. If you don’t see the future you cannot earn in the future.

8. You will never be seen beyond the way you see yourself.

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Short Motivational quotes - Self Encouragement

9. Only say what you want to see and soon you’ll see what you said.

10. Your true beauty lies in your content and not your looks.

11. Don’t wait to be encouraged to take a step, encourage yourself and make the move.

12. Originality makes you unique.

13. Dreaming all the time instead of working is foolishness.

14. Anyone can make suggestions for you, but they can’t force you to think along with them. You decide what you want to think about.

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Short Motivational quotes - Self Encouragement

15. Don’t judge or condemn yourself because of people’s opinion about you, there’s no one without scares.

16. Make your today can’t, you don’t know what tomorrow holds.

17. A consistent and and a determined woman will always get whatever she sets her heart to do.

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