One Step At a Time – An Inspiration of Life

Living life one step at a time, an inspiration of life that will inspire and encourage you.

What Does It Mean To Take One Step at a Time?

Meaning of one step at a time.

The phrase “one step at a time” means to approach a task or goal gradually, taking one small step at a time, rather than trying to achieve it all at once. It emphasizes the importance of patience and persistence, recognizing that progress can be made through small, consistent efforts over time.

It encourages breaking down a larger task into smaller, manageable steps and focusing on each step before moving on to the next. This approach can help reduce feelings of overwhelm or stress and make it easier to stay motivated and focused on the end goal.

An Inspiration of Life

Our approach to life and understanding about life makes it look a lot more difficult than it is. One of the problems a lot of people are having today is that they compare themselves with others, and so they tend to try to rush a lot of things about thier lives just to have a name for themselves. This is totally wrong. You’re in no competition with anyone, but yourself.

You see someone trying by all means to be like someone else. Some trying to acquire in a year what someone else acquired in twenty years.

A pastor once said “you see a lady carrying a bag that is worth $50,000 and you want it by all means, forgetting that this lady has been working for over 10years and has established herself. Whereas, you who just started working a year ago and you want to use the same bag, How? Life is a process.

Of course, I am not forgetting the place of grace. I know that what took another a very long time to get, you may get within a shorter period of time by the grace of God. But God is not a magician, he is a God of process.

You are not in a competition with anyone. Why not slow down and allow God take his perfect place? You want to run so fast to the extent of running faster than God. You know what, He will let go, because He knows that you’ll come back to follow the process of life.

Life is in phases. Every phase unfolds itself. Don’t try to unlock a phase of life you’ve not yet reached cause it will choke you so bad.

Do not envy any one who omitted the process of life and is jumping to another phase. Just give them a little time and they’ll jump right back.

Life is in stages, leave a stage at time. Take life one step at a time. Life is not a do or die affair. When you have this understanding you’ll be content with whatever you have.

When you appreciate what you have and where you have been graced to be you’ll always be thankful.

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Wherever you think you are right now be grateful because there are so many people that are earnestly praying  just to be at the phase, stage or level you are right now.

Don’t be desperate for anything or any reason. Desperate people look foolish even to the things or people they want. Been desperate present you unwanted to the things or people you want.

Life is a process. Follow it gradually. Never be in a hurry because it will draw you right back to start from the places you omitted. Take one step at a time and you’ll get to your predetermined destination. Take each step, walk through the process sequentially.

Do not care about what you don’t have in a particular phase of life. That you don’t have something you want in a particular phase does not mean you won’t have it in your lifetime.

Or have you forgotten that there are other phases that are yet to be unlocked? The package is there already, but you have not gotten to the phase the package is looking for so slow down girl friend. It’s gonna be alright.

Every phase of life unfolds the packages that are contained in it. You don’t expect a package in a phase of life that you’ve not yet reached.

If you can’t have what you want it’s not a thing to kill yourself for. We don’t always get what we want because sometimes what we want is not really what we need.

So God been so kind restricts what we want and gives us what we need but because it is not looking like what we want at first and so we don’t really appreciate it. But in the end we will realize that it is far better than what we wanted.

Sometimes, we fail to realize that we already have what we are looking for but because we are too busy chasing after what is not chasing us and so we fail to see that our desire is already being fulfilled.

Make what you have to become what you want if you can’t get what you want. Appreciate what you have cause there are several people looking for it.
Be always thankful and grateful.
Be thankful for each day you are privileged to see. Forget about what you don’t have and be thankful for the you have already. God bless you.

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