Matthew 6:33 Explained – Seek Ye First

What Does It Mean To Seek God First? Meaning of Matthew 6:33, Matthew 6:33 Bible Study

Matthew 6:33 is a very popular scripture that we all know and quote every day, but not everyone really understands what it truly means to seek the kingdom of God first.

What Does It Really Mean To Seek God or His Kingdom First?

To seek God first means:

  1. Deliberately setting and fixing your mind, attention and heart on God by serving him without any form of reservation or restriction.

2. Serving God with everything that you have. Your time, energy, resources, with your whole being.

3. Placing God above all else including; your job, finances, husband, wife, children, vision, ambition, even the challenges and struggles you go through in life.

4. To seek God means letting God take the lead in your life and all you do is just follow as he leads. Totally surrendering to his leadership whether it is convenient for you or not.

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When you place God above your needs and desires, they will obey you, they will move at your command because you also move at God’s command.

Seeking God must not be done selfishly (only when you’re in need or when you want something from him).

If you’re seeking God because of what you want, the moment you get what you desire you’ll leave him. Then you’ll become very busy. Busy to pray, to attend fellowship, and church service, too tired to wait on him.

Some will even say my job doesn’t give me time, my children, my this and my that. Who gave you the things you now call my this and my that. Have you forgotten that God gave them to you, and he can also take them back? Nothing, i mean nothing should ever take the place of God in your life. Not your job, not even fame or power.

Always acknowledge him as the one who placed you up there. Seeking God is not restricted to a particular time or season. Whether you have food to eat or not,you’re in lack, indebted, poor or rich, there’s just no restriction to serving God.

Despite the wilderness experience of David, wandering, staying in strongholds in the midst of lack with his life at stake. He said (David) “you are my God, earnestly i seek you, i thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched (thirsty) land, where there is no water”-psalm 63:1.

As busy as he was, a king over such a great nation yet he still made out time to praise God seven times a day-psalm 119:164, and also prayed three times-Psalm 55:17.

What about Job? In his agony and distress, after losing all his children, his business, and despite the health issues he had yet he said “though he slay me i’ll yet trust in him”- Job 13:15.

No wonder God blessed Job and made his later end greater than his beginning, and David was called a man after God’s heart. What a privilege and honor to be called a man after Gods heart, and of course he was a very wealthy king.

Everything you need is in God’s hands, and it is only when he gives it to you that you can truly enjoy the blessings and peace that comes with it. Because the blessing of God makes rich and add no sorrow with it – Proverbs 10:22.

Make up your mind today to sincerely and genuinely seek God and consciously place him above every other thing in your life including life itself. All those things you worry and troubles yourself for will be given to you at ease, when you make him the number one person in your life.

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