Jeremiah 17 – Meaning, Lessons, and prayer points

Jeremiah 17 - Meaning, Lessons, and prayer points

Jeremiah 17 meaning/summary, moral lessons, multiple translations and prayer points. Jeremiah 17 Meaning / Summary In Jeremiah 17, the Lord reveals to Jeremiah that Judah’s guilt is rooted deeply and cannot be  removed. He states that instead of depending on God, the people have disregarded Him and placed their  faith in their own abilities and resources. They have been cursed as a result of their  disobedience, and their land will be left in ruins. Jeremiah compares the fate of people who put  their faith in themselves to that of people who  put their faith in God. Hebrews 11:1 Explained – What Is Faith Hebrews 11 Top 10 Reasons To Have Faith In…

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Matthew 6 KJV – Take Heed

Matthew Chapter 6 explained, meaning, lessons, and prayer points from Matthew 6. A section of Jesus Christ’s Sermon on the  Mount. Matthew 6 is a chapter in the New  Testament of the Bible.It includes numerous  lessons and instructions  that Jesus taught his followers and the others in the multitude. Let’s discuss some of the main ideas and explanations from Matthew 6: Giving to the Needy (Matthew 6:1-4):  Jesus shows the value of giving to the poor, but he issues a warning against doing it in order to  get attention or receive praise. He advises giving secretly to make sure that your intentions are sincere and centered on assisting  those in need rather than pursuing personal  praise. Jesus deals with the practice of fasting (Matthew 6:16–18): 89 Best Bible Verses To Read While Fasting 10 Powerful Psalms For Midnight Spiritual…

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