The purpose of blissful Christian Inspirations is to help young Christians deal with the challenges regarding their faith as it relates to their lives in general.

Blissful Christian Inspirations is a Platform that provides Helpful Christians Inspirations For daily Christian Living. It was created to help Young Christians thrive in their daily walk with God, admonishing and encouraging them to

remain steadfast irrespective of the challenges that they may encounter in the process. Blissful Christian Inspirations is a platform for Daily Christian Inspirations, spiritual growth, Encouragement and lots more.

A Little About Me

blissful Christian Inspirations

First of all, Blissful Christian Inspirations is not about me. It’s about Jesus Christ who is the sole purpose for this entire blog.

I’m Ebi Sotarede. A graduate of Agricultural Extension and Management. I’m a music minister, blogger, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, I think I need to stop here, lol.

My passion is to see the Internet flooded with more of Jesus Christ, and reach out to as many that are within my reach according to the grace of God. Inspiring, motivating, and sharing God’s love through his word.

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