7 powerful Spiritual Warfare Prayers

Powerful spiritual warfare decrees and prayer points.


Spiritual warfare prayers for family

Heavenly Father, thank you for my family. Thank you for the unseen battles you’ve been fighting for us as a family.

Father, avenge and subdue every enemy of my family under us. Psalm 18:47

Father, Let every barrier on the path of my family be crushed completely in the name of Jesus. Isaiah 45:1-2

Father, Let every member of my Family that is under any form of bondage be loosed in the name of Jesus. Isaiah 49:25

Father, Let every evil word or voice that is speaking against my family in any way be silenced now in the name of Jesus Christ.

Father, I Decree total and complete restoration for my family of whatever we may have lost. Isaiah 42:22

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Father, contend with them that contend with my family, and fight against all that are fighting against the breakthrough of my family. Isaiah 49:25

Father, I call forth every opportunity and chance that enemies manipulated to reposition themselves for my family. And I call forth other doors of opportunities to be opened up to my family.

I Decree every good door closed against my family be opened, and every contrary door opened against my family be closed forever in the name of Jesus.

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Spiritual warfare prayers against your enemies.

Father let every enemy of my destiny bow in the name of Jesus.

Father, nullify and make void every plans and operation of the enemy against my life.

I command every age long curse, barrier, and yoke be crushed, destroyed, and broken in the name of Jesus.

Father, may the desire of my enemies never be fulfilled in my life in Jesus name, Amen.

Father, hold not your peace, arise in judgment against my enemies.

Let all my enemies be clothed with shame and let them cover themselves with their own confusion.


Midnight warfare prayer points

I command every veil of rejection, failure, and delay to be set ablaze in the name of Jesus Christ.

Father, Any power standing against my breakthrough in any area be destroyed in Jesus name.

Every stubborn stronghold or strong man resisting my breakthrough, in the name of Jesus bow and let loose now.

Any power holding me hostage in any area of my life let loose now in the name of Jesus.

Father, Let my light break forth, let your light shine upon me Lord.

Make haste, oh God, to deliver me, make haste to help me, oh LORD.

Deliver me, oh my God, out of the hand of the wicked, out of the hand of the evil and cruel man.

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Powerful prayer points for spiritual warfare and protection

Father, do not allow the enemy to put forth his hands against me, my family, and the works of my hands.

Father, shield me with your hedge of protection. Protect me from those who rise against me.

Save me oh LORD from the hand of the wicked, protect me from his snares.

Shine your light to every darkness the enemy places on my path and put my enemies to shame.

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Even though i walk in the shadows of death and darkness I will not be afraid, because your shield of protection is over me.

Father, please do not remove your shield of protection from, so shall I be safe.

Father, protect me from sudden attack and destruction coined by my enemies. I shall always triumph over them because you are my shield.



Spiritual warfare prayers for sleep

I lie down in safety, I will not be afraid when I sleep because you have promised to make my sleep sweet.

I will not give sleep to my eyes nor slumber to my eye lids until my lifting breaks forth like the drawing of a new day.

Father, awake me from every form of spiritual sleep and slumber.


Decree and declare prayer points

I Decree and declare Every red sea path for me now in the name of Jesus.

I Decree and declare the snares of the enemy broken now in the name of Jesus.

I Decree and declare that lines are falling upon me in pleasant places.

I Decree and declare every yoke of shame, reproach, lack and want be broken in the name of Jesus.

I Decree and declare any attack on any area of my life; be it my health, business, career, marriage, family… Be destroyed.

I Decree and declare supernatural speed and lifting upon my life and my endeavors.

I Decree and declare no more closed Heaven, I Decree the heavens over me to remain in the name of Jesus Christ.


Deep and Aggressive prayer points

Father, let the furnace of every humiliation perfect your will for my life in the name of Jesus Christ.

Father, please turn all my gloomy moments to brightness in Jesus Christ.

Father, stir up yourself and awake to my judgment.

Come to my aid dear Lord, and arise for my help.

Fight them that fight against, and pursue every pursuer of my destiny.

Awake oh LORD, awake for my sake. Arise in your anger and judge my enemies.

Oh LORD hide not your face from me any longer, arise in your mercy and deliver me.

Deliver me in your righteousness, and cause me to escape: incline thine ear unto me, and save me.

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  1. I appreciate the saints of God for this inspiration prayers points. I love all especially the warfare prayers because I am a call minister for indigenous church planter in Liberia West Africa. I need your personal email address for some spiritual discussion

  2. Thank you for these prayers. I was just now this moment angry and fed up with the attacks by satan. It’s sick how auto correct give satan a capital S. I need these prayer for myself and my family and those I care for who are lost. God bless you and keep em comin!!

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