15 Short prayer Quotes To Encourage You

15 short inspirational quotes to encourage you. Prayer is one weapon that the devil fears so much, because he knows that if there’s a man to pray there’s a God to answer.

The devil knows that if we constantly give in to prayer we’ll stay strong always, full of hope and faith, we’ll always be positive even in hard times because we believe in the unfailing words of the God we’re praying to. The scriptures admonishes us to pray without ceasing, (1 Thessalonians 5:17), as praying without ceasing will not only make us grow spiritually but also edify our spiritual life.

The devil knows that a healthy prayer life strengthens our inner man, and it keeps us awake spiritually. That’s why he will try by all means to keep us busy so that we won’t have time to PUSH.

12 Short prayer Quotes To Encourage You

Anyone who desires to walk in the realms of the supernatural must give in to prayer always and also fasting. If we maintain a healthy prayer life it will affect not only our family but also our friends and our society positively, because we are constantly interceding on their behalf.

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The benefits of having a healthy prayer life cannot be overemphasized. Jesus, Christ was a man of prayer, his ministry started of with prayer and fasting.

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15 Short prayer Quotes To Encourage You

Been who he was, he still regularly resorted to quiet corners and prayed. This he did to show us the importance of prayer, that we might follow his footsteps.

12 Short Quotes About prayer – Prayer Quotes

1. The alter of prayer is the place of power.

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15 Short prayer Quotes To Encourage You

2. There is is no limit to a mind that is open to God in prayer.

3. A man’s strength in the spirit is measured in his prayer life.

4. Whether you feel like praying or not, pray until you feel like praying.

5. Be direct in your prayers.

6. Always thank God when you pray it is a confirmation that you believe in the answers.

7. Always believe that you will receive when you pray.

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15 Short prayer Quotes To Encourage You

8. If there’s a man to pray there’s a God to answer.

9. Prayer strengthens our inner man.

10. Prayer influences prophecy.

11. The devil is always busy looking for who to devour, get busy with your prayer life.

12. A healthy prayer life is strength to your spiritual muscles.

13.When we pray in his will he will not deny us the answers.

14. God lets certain things happen to us so we can stand up and pray.

15. Sometimes, God refuse to answer certain prayers because if does we will still remain at the same spot.

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