15 Inspirational Relationship Quotes On Love

15 Inspiring Relationship Quotes About Love that will encourages you.

Love is a beautiful thing. There’s nothing as great as love in the whole world. It is the most beautiful experience, still we find it hard to get true love why?

Why Is True Love Hard to Find?

True love is not as difficult as we make it look like. One thing a lot people don’t understand is that love is sacrificial, and if you really want to love genuinely you must be willing to make sacrifices. God who is love taught us this by laying down his life for us.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

True love is putting the other before one’s self. True Love is not parasitic in nature, (only one person benefiting). A lot of time, true love seems hard too get or difficult because we are not willing to go through with all of the sacrifices that comes with it.

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The worse thing that can happen to you in a relationship is to assume that you are loved whiles you are just assuming. Love is evident, it can’t be hidden because it is sacrificial.

If you’re unsure about the other person’s love for you then his or her love for you is questionable.

15 strong Inspirational Relationship Quotes About Love

1. Never let anyone make you feel like they are doing you a favor by marrying or courting you.

2. Love liberally but relate carefully.

3. Don’t be afraid to loose someone who is not grateful to have you.

4. Any love without proof is fake.

5. Never go desperate in the game of love.

15 Inspiring Relationship Quotes About Love

6. Anyone who does not see you fit to have their time is not worth your love.

7. A man /woman who does not know your worth cannot value you.

15 Inspiring Relationship Quotes About Love

8. Love is sacrificial, anyone who is not ready to make sacrifices is not ready to love.

9. A love that is one sided will soon sink.

10. A man who does not like or agree with almost everything you say or do is not worth being in your life. He is probably managing you.

15 Inspiring Relationship Quotes About Love

11. Nobody is totally busy, It’s just the number you fall on their priority list.

12. Destiny is at risk when your choice of life partner is wrongly pursued.

13. A man who does not respect your family cannot possibly love you.

15 Inspiring Relationship Quotes About Love

14. If you are still skeptical about his love for you, that love is questionable.

15. Do not assume that he loves you. True Love cannot be hidden.

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